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Given our Infantry and emergency responder Background. We understand the importance of quality equipment. We are able to offer a broad range of equipment through the system and can even customize it to your mission needs.

Sharpen the Taiaha

We have relationships with other New Zealand, Australian and American businesses That along with our own manufacturing allow us to offer products Including but not limited to:

FSMO packs, patrol bags, ghillie suits, Chest rigs, Plate Carriers, Cam paint, pouches, uniforms, belts, holsters, rite in the rain, Custom IR patches, Embroidery, Night Vision equipment and ITAR equipment.

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We have already serviced hundreds of kiwis improving their equipment portfolio and we are just getting started. whether its a new pack, chest rig, plate carrier or some pouches. Reach out through Social media or via our contact form and we'll do our best to see what equipment we can offer.

FYI: Defence Procurement is not for individuals, MOQ's may apply.

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